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This is a portfolio of artworks created by Yutaka Isayama.


湯に浸かる彼女 (Her bathing in hot water)
湯に浸かる彼女 (Her bathing in hot water)

湯に浸かる彼女 (Her bathing in hot water)


Her bathing in hot water

 The bathing scene, however, is difficult to represent water in my creation environment (PC and application). Water is not a liquid, but only a plate on the surface of the water, and it is not fluid. That is also the limitation of creating with polygons.
 Pour water into a bathtub, the temperature is 40 °C, and the room temperature is 25 °C, so steam rises. How many more years will it take to be able to make it that way?
 The best compromise I can make at present is this artwork.

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